I bought an antenna because it was told that the antenna can give reception, but there is no reception. (Or no channel is received).

  • The spectrum antenna is used for DTV broadcast reception. Therefore, to receive HDTV broadcasts, you must have an HDTV receiver or use a set top box (STB). (STB: HDTV conversion receiver, HDTV set-top box, Mega TV, Hana TV, receiving card, etc.)
  • To watch HDTV broadcasting, you must set the channel after connecting the antenna cable to the HDTV. For more information on how to set up your channel, please read the owner’s manual of your HDTV or set-top box.
  • To set the channel, use the remote control to switch to the menu screen and then use the automatic channel search function or the manual channel search and editing function.
  • Make sure that the antenna is connected properly. You should also install an appropriate antenna for each residential environment.
    – If you live in an apartment in the 4th to 5th floors or above in the urban area, it is recommended to put indoor antennas (LP49, LP410S, Hemi-Beam, Match-Wing, Omni-Saturn) near the window or install the outdoor antenna on the veranda railings.
    – If you are living in a suburban area, a rural area, or one or three floors of a city center apartment or you are living in a house (single, multi-family, villa, or office building), you can use an outdoor antenna (LP410, LP410P, Omni-Beam, LP- , MP-6) on the roof of the building.

The received signal is weak. (Or the screen is broken. Block shapes appear on the screen.)

  • There is a shortage of received signal. Please adjust the antenna direction while checking the signal strength with the remote control.
  • If the same phenomenon repeats even after performing the antenna adjustment, change the antenna installation position and check again.
  • If the signal strength is weak, one way is to use a booster (signal amplifier).

Is there any way to increase reception sensitivity?

    • The most convenient way to increase the reception strength is to use a booster (amplifier) In urban areas, the effect is not significant. However, it can be very helpful in the suburbs, rural areas, and so on.
    • Another method is to install the outdoor antenna on the roof. The signal strength is determined as follows.

– Indoor antenna: Near TV < Indoor window < Indoor window + Booster: LP49, LP410S, HD-mini, Hemi-Beam, Match-Wing, Omni-Saturn
– Outdoor antenna: Balcony railing < Balcony railing < + Booster – Rooftop – Rooftop + Booster: LP410, LP410P, Omni-Beam, LP-28, CR-48, MP-6

* The booster here is recommended for HDTV exclusive booster with a spectrum filter with built-in bandpass filter.

How do I know where to receive a signal and where to not?

  • Confirm in two ways. One way is predicting how you can watch HDTV broadcasts in your area using a radio propagation prediction program. The system is the only domestic manufacturer to have a spectrum, and we use this prediction system to answer your inquiry. (More than 90% accuracy) The other way is judging reception by using installer’s field installation information of radio measurement and installation of spectrum antenna.
  • Spectrum is a domestic radio / analysis company, and experts in radio technology are responding to your inquiries.

If you install a spectrum antenna on an old analogue (CRT) television, does digital broadcasting come?

  • You cannot watch. Digital broadcasting can only be received by digital TV (HDTV).
  • If you install a set-top box, there is a way to receive digital broadcasts on analog TV. However, it is not possible to watch high definition video of HDTV broadcasting, but it is possible to watch only standard video quality (SDTV). (DVD quality)
    Converters: Devices that convert DTV broadcasts to analog TV

Which of the indoor or outdoor antennas has the better reception sensitivity?

  • Outdoor Antenna is of course recommended. The radio prefers to fly in the air, and radio waves can not pass through the window except for the window. Therefore, if there is a wall or fence of the apartment, the signal loss of the radio wave will be large.
    Reason for a good reception with an indoor antenna in an apartment: There are many large glass windows, and the reflected waves due to the walls of the surrounding apartments are well received.
    Reason for a less reception with an indoor antenna in single, multi-family houses and villas: The outdoor antenna is installed on the roof because the space between the building and the building is narrow and the radio wave cannot fly well and the window through which the radio waves pass is not wide.
  • An outdoor antenna is used to receive strong radio waves and then coaxial cable to transmit radio waves. – Indoor antenna: LP49, LP410S, HD-mini, Hemi-Beam, Omni-Saturn-outdoor antenna: LP410, LP410P , Omni-Beam, MP-6

If you buy an HDTV without a digital antenna, cannot you watch digital broadcasting?

  • Yes, it may be. However, it is possible to subscribe to cable broadcasting (CATV, cable broadcasting), satellite broadcasting (S*Y L*FE) or IPTV (Mega**, Hana**, L**) The advantage is that you can watch free HDTV broadcasts at any time.
  • Receiving with a spectral antenna is a way to make your household fancier. In addition, the majority of households with students will not watch pay-TV if they receive only terrestrial TV.

It was well out but now the signal cannot be received suddenly. Is it an antenna problem?

  • Digital TV broadcasting signals can receive HDTV broadcasting even if only one hundredth of the analog TV broadcasting signal (1/100). Therefore, it can be seen that digital TV broadcasting is well received even in analog pruning area.
  • Even if the signal strength is very low, the signal will be received, so it will be affected by the surrounding environment of the space where the radio waves flow. Especially when buildings are built nearby or when electronic noise is increased, it can be difficult to receive them suddenly. In this case, try installing the antenna elsewhere or changing the direction of the antenna. Basically, these are the problems caused by the signal being somewhat low. If it is difficult to receive continuously, consider using the booster (HDB-30H).

If the LP410P outdoor antenna is installed outside, will it be corroded by rain or moisture?

  • There may be a gap in the connection area during the production of the antenna, or a gap may be created in the connection area of the connector during the installation of the antenna. However, the LP410P outdoor antenna is waterproof to internal antenna elements and connectors, so it does not rust or corrode. If there is a problem with reception due to rain or moisture, please apply for after-service (repair).

Would it not be affected by thunderstorms or thunder if you installed an outdoor antenna on the roof?

  • It is not expected to be a major concern unless it is very high. If you are installing the outdoor antenna on the roof, please install it lower than the lightning rod of the building. Do not install it on a tree or a pole.